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Emotional Piano Melodies Bundle 3
"Emotional Piano Melodies Bundle 3" is a collection of four sample packs, namely Volumes 9 to 12. It offers a wide range of piano melodies, FX, and atmospheres specifically designed for genres like Ch
Emotional Pads Volume 3
Dive into the captivating journey of our third volume, where mesmerizing sounds bring out emotions and take you to new, uncharted places. Unleash your creativity and embark on a sonic adventure with o
Emotional Piano Melodies Volume 12
The "Twelfth Volume" of the beautiful piano melodies and atmosphere sounds is a sample pack that aims to evoke instant emotion in your tracks.
Sylenth1 Progressions Volume 2
Introducing Helion Sylenth1 Progressions Volume 2, the ultimate soundbank designed to elevate your music production. This exceptional collection offers 64 high-quality presets meticulously crafted for
Emotional Piano Melodies Volume 9
Introducing the captivating ninth volume of our mesmerizing piano melodies and atmospheric sounds that will effortlessly infuse your tracks with raw emotion.

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Lo-fi Beats Volume 1
"Lo-Fi Beats Volume 1" is a sample pack that offers four construction kits filled with beautiful lush pianos and chill vibes. This collection is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere, whether it's
Lo-fi Beats Volume 2
'Lo-Fi Beats Volume 2' by Helion Samples is a sample pack that builds upon the nostalgic and warm Lo-Fi feel, offering four Construction Kits packed with lush synths, groovy drums, and emotional chord